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  • John Angliss

CMFI position on Annihilationism

CMFI as a fellowship of Christians stand for conservative evangelical truth. Our faith statement includes the phrase; we believe “In the everlasting conscious punishment of the wicked and unrepentant” – this is a non-negotiable position and a pre-requisite for CMFI membership and on-going association.

Contrary to this position the theory of Annihilationism asserts that at some future time the unsaved dead pass into non-existence. Some proponents teach that the unsaved dead suffer in Hell[1] for varying periods of time according to individual sins then once punitive justice is satisfied the purged sinner is annihilated. Yet others teach entry into Hell means instant annihilation. CMFI reject all annihilationist variants as heterodox.

The objective of this paper is to present, explore and refute the theory of annihilationism by means of historical and biblical evidence.



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