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  • John Angliss

The Way of Cain, the Error of Balaam and the Gainsaying of Korah

Two of the most neglected books in the Bible in modern Christianity are the books of Jude (written by the half- brother of Jesus) and 2 Peter (written by a leading Apostle). They are so up-to date that perhaps they are too embarrassing for most Christians. They deal with matters which nobody wants to address. In particular, the issue of what God thinks about homosexuality is clear and unequivocal .They are supremely “Last Days” epistles and we ignore their teaching at our peril.

The 3 characters above personify some of the main problems in the 21stcentury Church and many of these are on our own doorsteps, sometimes in our own Churches. To me they sum up;

The mixture in the charismatic movement and 3. The attack on God given leadership which is becoming all too prevalent now in many places. These 3 characters, rightly understood, will give us real revelation on how Satan will seek to undermine the true church in these last days.

1. The way of Cain.

All the streams of “religious” activity commence right at the beginning of Genesis. Cain represents ‘false religion’, Abel represents ‘true religion’. Human history has only ever seen these two forms of religion. Abel represents grace received by faith. Cain represents works without grace. Abel received divine revelation (Heb 11 v 4) and knew what was required by way of sacrifice. Cain rejected divine revelation.

Abel acknowledged the need of substitutionary sacrifice. A life laid down anticipating the work of Christ on the cross - the fulfilment of all the types of OT prophecy. Cain denied the need of substitutionary sacrifice, (eg: “penal substitution is cosmic child abuse!”).

Abel offered propitiation for the curse on the earth (John 19 v 2). Cain offered the products of earth that were cursed (Gen 3 v 17).

Abel received supernatural attestation from God (Gen 4 v 4, Heb 11 v 4). Cain was refused supernatural attestation from God (Gen 4 v 5), so then he became angry. Human nature is unchanged. Time and time again, I notice that particularly charismatics, when challenged over their un-Biblical practices become angry and defensive.

Abel produced a martyr. The true enemy of true religion is false religion and at the end of the age this will be vividly portrayed. Cain produced a murderer. Revelation 17 & 18 describes the false or Harlot Church in league with a political system called BABYLON (Babel or Confusion) (17 v 5 in capital letters!). In her was found the blood of saints and martyrs (18v 4).

The seeds sown in Genesis reach their climax in Revelation and through history there have always been these two groups. Abel’s religion will bring forth a bride (Revelation 19 v 7.)

Cain’s religion will produce a Harlot or Prostitute. The climax to this is happening speedily before our eyes right now. False religion blinds to reality. True religion is based on the revealed Word of God and relationship with God on His terms as revealed in Scripture.

2. The error of Balaam. My own view is that if he had been alive today, he would probably have been a leading “charismatic” platform figure with his own TV programme! This man appeared to speak much truth, particularly about Israel, but there was a strange admixture and apparently divination at the root of his “ministry”. A number of modern ministries reflect these strange characteristics, appearing to use the Bible but making it mean something other than what the Holy Spirit intended. To this is added things like “sucking the anointing from the graves of old Christian pioneers” (charismatic necromancy, not what happened with Elisha) and seeking to re-capture new age techniques for the Lord!!

Many so called prophetic words are little more than divination and are from the soulish realm. Notice the way of Balaam, the wages of unrighteousness (in other words money) and coveting the gifts of Balak. The error of Balaam, accepting the wages of unrighteousness for his service, and the doctrine of Balaam (Rev 2 v 14). Encouraging the most beautiful women of women of Midian to tempt and seduce the Israelites to sin and commit the sins of idolatry and fornication or adultery. (Numbers 25:1 – 9, 31: 8, 16).

Always, where these things arise, immorality will soon follow .We are clearly told that false teachers will arise (2 Peter 2 v 1). The onus is on us to examine, weigh and judge. These are ‘wells without water’ (2 Peter 2 v 17) and ‘clouds without rain’ (Jude 12), not the true Holy Spirit.

Where will we find such people? Very simple “These are spots in your love feasts, when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear (Jude v 12). They can be in our very midst and do not exercise the fear of the Lord. Notice how they speak, v 16 “These are murmurers, complainers, walking according to their own lusts, and the mouth great swelling words, flattering people to gain advantage (Jude 16 NKJV).

In the middle is the word by Enoch linking all of this to the very imminent return of Jesus (the rapture). Also contained in these Scripture portions are Lot and Sodom and Gomorrah and the fallen angels (v6, 7) which is a clear warning to contemporary thinking about God’s take on confusion of roles, marriage, homosexual relationship etc.

3. The rebellion of Korah. (Numbers 16) Rebellion against God, His word and His various manifestations of delegated authority are at the heart of all problems we see and experience in today’s 21st century Church. This problem began with Lucifer in heaven (Isaiah 11, Ezekiel 28) and soon spread to earth affecting the Adamic race. This will reach a climax before Jesus comes to Rule and Reign and will be the final goal of Satan and the antichrist. I recommend a careful reading of the journeys of the children of Israel under Moses to see what happened, the reasons, and how God dealt with these matters. The Church in the wilderness (Acts 7 v 38) is a Type of the New Testament Church, clearly and unequivocally stated by Paul in 1 Corinthians 10 v 1 - 11, and we will save ourselves much trouble if we heed the warnings, and learn all the lessons for those “upon whom the ends of the age are come “(ie: us).

Every blessing, Pastor John.

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