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The Annual CMFI Conference and AGM will soon be upon us, and the Council met recently to discuss and make plans for the conference. As we came together we found a particular concern expressed that seems to be a common experience among us. This concern relates to the role of the local church in the lives of the Lord’s people. It seems to us there is a very definite decline in appreciation of the local church as the place to go to for spiritual nurture and growth, for counselling, and for teaching. 

For 2018, the CMFI Council was led by the Lord to take the title “Re-digging the Wells” as CMFI’s theme for meetings throughout the coming year. The Biblical basis for this theme comes from Genesis chapter 26 where we find Isaac in contention with the Philistines over wells which, while dug by his father Abraham, had now been stopped up by the Philistines (Gen. 26:18). Isaac re-dug the wells and restored to them the names Abraham had given them.

A theme of ‘New Beginnings’ has developed with the submissions to this edition of CMFI News. Paul Williams tells of how he was suddenly taken out of teaching into full time ministry. After 40 years of pastoral ministry mainly in one church John Angliss has been led to develop a wider ministry to the whole church. Both John Jones and Chris Hill believe that there is a growing need to be ministering to and building up small groups of Christians. John Mellor reminds us that in all that is happening we are not to lose sight of our primary calling.

What wonder, privilege and assurance there is in knowing that God has a plan for our lives, and that God is intent to complete His work in us. David, meditating upon the all-seeing and all-knowing character of God, noted that God had fashioned his days, and wrote them in His book (Ps. 139:16). Ephesians reminds us that we are God’s workmanship created for the good works which He prepared for us (Eph. 2:10). To know these things is a great blessing, which also brings the challenge of being sure our lives are conducted firmly at the centre of God’s plans in accord with His will.

It was with an eager anticipation that we set off for this year’s CMFI Conference in Northampton. Numbers were up on last year, and with the theme set as, “Thanks be to God who gives us the victory” we were expectant of a time of great blessing and encouragement.  Saturday morning brought a shock for us all, as CMFI Council member Pastor Jim Cottington was found to have received his call home to glory during the night.  Many tributes are featured in this newsletter to our Brother Jim.  He will be greatly missed.

Last year’s conference seems some way off now, while this year’s is rapidly approaching, and plans discussed in 2015 are coming to fruition for 2016. Top of the agenda for the Council over the last year has been implementation of the re-envisioning vision which the Lord gave, and which was shared at the 2015 conference...

I’m sure that at one time or another most of us have studied Daniel 2 and in particular Daniel’s interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. However, in the light of our current politics, it seems to me
that there has rarely been a time when this has been of more relevance...

Did the first CMFI conference live up to expectation? I think that all who were there will agree that it surpassed our anticipation. It was more than a conference giving a brief respite and time of fellowship. There was a challenge from the Lord. The needs are great are we willing to be part of His work in meeting them...

In these last days as God shakes the nations and things which relied on disappear will we stand? Will we be the ones who offer hope and assurance that despite the turmoil we trust a God who is sovereign...

In all matters of faith and practice the New Testament church has but one authority and that authority
is the Bible, the very word of God. The biblical church holds fast to the word of God in spite of
opposition. The compromising church alters the word of God because of opposition...

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