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The Way of Cain, the Error of Balaam and the Gainsaying of Korah

John Angliss

Two of the most neglected books in the Bible in modern Christianity are the books of Jude (written
by the half- brother of Jesus) and 2 Peter (written by a leading Apostle). They are so up-to date that
perhaps they are too embarrassing for most Christians. They deal with matters which nobody wants to
address. In particular, the issue of what God thinks about homosexuality is clear and unequivocal .They
are supremely “Last Days” epistles and we ignore their teaching at our peril...

The Demonic Spirit of Europe

Ian Huxham

I’m sure that at one time or another most of us have studied Daniel 2 and in particular Daniel’s interpretation of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. However, in the light of our current politics, it seems to me
that there has rarely been a time when this has been of more relevance...

Four Distinctives

Jim Cottington

Towards the end of last year I preached a series of sermons on four distinctives of the church I am privileged to pastor. These are


1) The Importance of God’s Word.

2) We are a Pentecostal Church.

3) The importance of Israel and the Jew in God’s plans.

4) The Second Coming of Christ.

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